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Elder Law

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Elder Law

Attorney Nancy Busch advises clients about obtaining government benefits, including Medicaid and Veterans pensions.  The firm protects assets from nursing homes as well as inheritance taxes and probate fees by using various legal techniques and documents.  Clients are advised about the most suitable living arrangements for their situation and placement assistance is provided.

Attorney Busch provides personalized plans for clients given their financial and personal situation that will protect their assets as they age.  The plan will ensure that their long-term objectives are met and will make it easy to transition into a facility, should that be necessary.
Hospice Planning, Alzheimer’s Planning

Elder law encompasses long term care planning, assisted living, retirement, and healthcare issues.  Nancy K. Busch has the skills and experience to assist you with any elder law issue that you may have.  We can place your loved in an assisted living facility tailored to their needs, find the right nursing home or in-home care that fits with your loved one’s situation.  We will closely review the person’s financial needs and then recommend facilities and options for care that are affordable.  Our goal is to at all times make sure that the person’s assets are protected.

We will help to put your affairs in order by drafting the important legal documents, such as wills, trusts, powers of attorneys and living wills.  We can also help you make important decisions that will preserve your assets and organize your estate.  Attorney Busch also helps clients secure Veterans benefits.  Attorney Nancy K. Busch has the training, skills and expertise to counsel you through this process so that you will have peace of mind and the knowledge to know that your future is secure.

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