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Medicaid Planning for Long-term Nursing Home Care

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Medicaid Planning for Long-term Nursing Home Care

Going broke is not the only option when a loved one needs a nursing home.  Well-meaning social workers, nursing home staff and Medicaid workers will often advise families that it is necessary to spend down all of their assets.

That is not entirely true! Medicaid laws are very complicated, as are the laws for Veterans benefits. Filing a Medicaid application on your own may result in a denial of benefits, causing you to lose even more of your assets. You should be careful and consult an elder law attorney before taking any action that may hamper your ability to obtain these benefits.

As an elder law attorney, Nancy Busch knows the ins and outs of Pennsylvania Medicaid laws and Veterans benefits laws.  These are entirely legal techniques that may allow you to qualify for Medicaid benefits and Veterans benefits before you lose everything to long-term care expenses!  We can help you protect and preserve assets even if your loved one is already in a nursing home. It is not too late.

Before you take action, make sure you consult Attorney Nancy Busch.  For a FREE consultation, call 610-432-3337.

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